Glossary of Model Terms

Net Tuition and Fees: Overall undergraduate, graduate and professional tuition (including online and differential tuition) minus remissions and specific (funded from state auxiliary or grant revenues) financial aid.

Other Activity-based Revenues: Includes funds from Nebraska Research Initiative (NRI) funds, grants and contracts, sales and service, gifts, investment and loan income, federal revenue received on Hatch & Smith Lever funds, F&A Indirect Cost Recovery (IDC) from the previous year, and Tobacco Funding.

Direct Expense & Transfers: Includes the direct expenses associated with salaries and wages, benefits, utilities, equipment and capital outlay, library material, operating expenses, travel expenses and other indirect cost (F&A) and debt service expenses.

Support Cost Allocations: The costs of providing services to run the University including those associated with facilities, academic support, student support, research, and general administration. These costs are prorated to primary units based on a number of defined factors.

Activity-based Margin: Result of revenues, expenses and cost pool allocations.

Strategic Fund: Unrestricted funds for one-time investments in initiatives and priorities to advance the University’s strategic mission.

State Appropriations: Funds allocated to primary units after net tuition and other activity revenues are consumed by direct expenses and cost pool allocations.