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Training Guides

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Budget-Introduction
    This documentation provides a broad overview of the budget structure employed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Special attention is given to the state-aided unrestricted portion of the UNL Budget. Also included is information on the budget preparation process and the non-state aided portions of the budget.
  • UNL: Introduction to Annual Budget Cycle
    This video (4:33) provides an overview of the annual budget cycle. It identifies the time periods in which various tasks are completed to create and maintain the annual budget. In addition, it will discuss the different systems utilized to implement the annual budget.
  • BCS-Budget Basics Training
    This documentation provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of UNL's Budget Control System (BCS), including how to navigate the Budget Portal.
  • BCS-Budget Reports Training
    This documentation provides information on how to navigate the Reporting feature of BCS. It focuses on search criteria, variants, and frequently used reports.
  • BCS-Budget Workbench Basics
    This documentation provides information on how to navigate University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Budget Control System (BCS).
  • BCS-Validation
    This documentation discusses the validation concepts to consider when preparing the next year's budget. In addition, it will show you how to access information for validating the organizational structure, employee salary details and budget to actual expenditures.

Technical Documents

  • BCS-Reporting Technical Guide
  • BCS-Workbench Technical Guide
  • Budget Prep-University of Nebraska-Lincoln Manual