As UNL plans for a full model deployment of IBB by FY23, the current, short-term milestones to achieve implementation are listed below.

Current Implementation Milestones

Summer 2021

  • Campus Communication of IBB Model Deliverables
  • Methodology & Governance

Fall 2021

  • Publish updated models FY19, FY20, FY21 & FY22 Budget
  • Publish FY23 Budget Development Process Calendar
  • BMAC Launch
  • Publish Budget Guidelines & FY23 campus guidance
  • Distribute campus budget templates (Model Input)
  • Support Unit training

Spring 2022

  • Units develop budgets (following Budget Process Calendar)
  • EVC/IANR Academic Unit Review Process Begins
  • GOB Budget Prep
  • GOB Budget Submission to System Office